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BVLGARI Hotel Beijing - a travel professional's review

Bulgari Hotel Beijing

Beijing’s Priciest Hotel Holds the Most Novelty

Bulgari Hotel Beijing breaks away from conventionalism and does so in the most elegant and creative ways the hospitality industry has ever seen. Its flagship property in Beijing was the first in China, and just the fourth branded hotel actualized in the entire world when it opened in 2017. Located in a megacity with thousands of years’ worth of historic regality, countless millionaires (and billionaires), and hundreds of high-end hotels, Bulgari’s distinction in Beijing is an anomaly. And there’s ample reasons why Bulgari Hotel is the priciest room-per-night urban resort in Beijing. It’s a living embodiment of Italian fashion luxury culture that transcends into an intangible overnight experience. A stay in Bulgari Beijing is truly one of a kind; not just in China, but worldwide.

Bulgari’s brand spans 134 years and is born of the illustrious mind of Sotirios Boulgaris. Accustomed to voracious novelty, Bulgari began with a jewelry house in Rome in 1884 and sprouted into the billion-dollar luxury fashion empire it is today. in 2001, Bulgari boldly ventured beyond handmade jewelry and luxury goods and extended into hospitality with its first property being the priciest hotel in London for quite some time. Bulgari Hotel Beijing opened its doors in late September 2017 just shy of National Golden Week. Despite the weeklong holiday and relative newness, room bookings happened almost instantaneously. It too, is the priciest hotel in town.

Starting prices for superior rooms (3 kinds of rooms, 6 types of suites total) Bulgari Beijing averages around $500 USD per night and each is equipped with features far beyond norms. Upon entering your suite, fresh sweet delicacies are prepared on the marble table. The rooms’ view overlook Beijing’s CBD skyline and the forests of the diplomatic district.

The attention to detail within the rooms is uncanny with the most up-to-date technology in room setting controls, from electronic activated closet doors to motion-sensored curtains accessible at your fingertips, and these controls are on the nightstand by the bed. All lotions, soaps and shampoos exude aromas of Bulgari’s signature perfumes and colognes. A TV screen in the bathroom is holographic, blended into the mirrors. The walk in closet demonstrates the prolific wardrobe accommodation that a high fashion hotel room would house. The room fridge is parked in a shelf in the bar, and all drinks inside are complements of the room (except the wines and liquors) along with an espresso maker with a full assortment of coffee blends. Sink into the bed and have the deepest of sleeps with a weighted blanket and the plushiest of linen downing. Enjoy the room longer than your average stay elsewhere. Checkout time can last up until 5pm.

The facilities of the hotel are state of the art (worth mentioning every toilet in the hotel is of the highest caliber in Japanese technology). The hotel spa, gym, and pool are all underground. The gym, WORKSHOP, though compact, boasts cutting edge equipment and a head trainer from overseas. The swimming pool and hot tub resembles the ambiance of a cove, with stylized tiling and white halos enshrouding its lounge chairs and sofas. On the ground floor lobby, the lounging area exhibits the classic and contemporary fixtures of Bulgari’s iconic fashion brand. Encased in glass; jewelry, art masterpieces, purses, and more are on display as if showcased in a private gallery.

Many of the staff, from the waiters to the General Manager, sport stylish suits and again, breaking from tradition, are without nametags. In the lounge, IL Bar, menu items lack pricing descriptions. Not accepting walk-in guests, Il Ristorante is the hotel’s premiere dining outlet. It must be booked in advance and the chef is Michelin-starred chef Niko Romito. Notably, the private lawn of Bvlgari is impeccably manicured, overlooking the 3rd Ring Road’s river. It makes the picture perfect brunch spot, with a set $50 (approximately) price tag per guest.

A piece of contemporary Italy in Beijing, Bvlgari delivers lavish hospitality with many of the staff members actually being Italian expats. As Bvlrgari Hotels may in fact disrupt luxury lodging in a stylish and sophisticated manner, be sure to at least step into the fashion icon that’s gone from tangible to experiential the next time you are in Beijing. Visit or follow @bulgarihotels on Twitter or Instagram.

This article originally appeared in Hainan Airlines' in-flight magazine

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